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10 August 2016

Summer Enigma


Αη – Γιώργη

Gastronomy Dinners

Starting from the northernmost part of Greece, we wanted to prove that gastronomy has no borders. This was the beginning of a series of new gastronomic experiences, crafted with a unique concept and design every time. TU events started organising gourmet dinners with famous and up-coming chefs, paired with wines, offering a brand new experience at each dinner.

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Αη – Γιώργη

Date & Time

10 August 2016, 21:00 - 23:30

On August 10th, we chose to make the summer gourmet TU event that you so much expected. A flashback in the summer, the flavors of the sea, the field and the island’s mountain.

The source of inspiration has been left in the hands of the award-winning chef, Nikos Karathanos, who comes as guest to make the ‘Summer Enigma’ menu. Together, Manolis Touratzis with cook with him under  the familiar nickname of …’Harry Potter’ in a collaboration that many of our fan were expecting to experience.

This will be an Umami anniversary evening, for those who secure their place on time. As part of this project, we will not reveal to you at this time the food menu, but we will only reveal the wines that will accompany our meal. The Symeonidis Estate will stand worthy next to our elite culinary chef with 3 different wines!


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