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01 April 2015

The Art of Spring


Χάραμα στη Θάλασσα

Gastronomy Dinners

Starting from the northernmost part of Greece, we wanted to prove that gastronomy has no borders. This was the beginning of a series of new gastronomic experiences, crafted with a unique concept and design every time. TU events started organising gourmet dinners with famous and up-coming chefs, paired with wines, offering a brand new experience at each dinner.

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Χάραμα στη Θάλασσα

Date & Time

01 April 2015, 21:15 - 23:30

Spring is creation and TU Dinners, creates a menu just before Easter holidays. Our inspiration comes from the products of the sea and the field as well, leaving the meat out of the menu this time. We kept our thought to our friends that fast, so most of our courses are convenient for them as well.

The futuristic, creative and delicious versions that TU applies on the menus, will pleasantly surprise your palate you once again. Our chef, Dimitris Angelidis, once again takes over the post of execution. The paired wines will come from the famous estate of “Wine Art” in Drama. The oenologist of the winery Akis Papadopoulos will be present to explain the successful wines their winery produces for 22 years in a row. The distinctions of their wines at a global level, elevate their prestige even more in the menu we create.

The pairing will be another tasteful yet visually gastronomic experience!