The Founder

It all began with love and dedication to wine, gastronomy and insistence on the creation of high quality services. TU stands for Touratzis Umami and was founded as a company by George Touratzis MSc in 2014.

After the studies of the founder in Great Britain at:

  • Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship (MSc) – CASS Business School of London
  • Multimedia Technology & Design (BSc) – University of Kent
  • Business Administration & Computing (BSc) – University of Kent
  • Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET Diploma student) – London / Athens

The Company

Countless tastings and trips to top restaurants and wineries in the world, were probably the most important studies for a gastronomic palate. Upon his return to his hometown Alexandroupolis (Greece), he launched a new range of gastronomic & wine events, along with a restaurant review website, Touratzis-Umami.com. After several wine presentations and gastronomic dinners with famous and up-coming chefs, the event organisation company “TU events” was founded. A dynamic team started to build up, with personalities who have true passion on creating something new and powerful.

The company undertakes, designs and organises premium projects such as “One Wine Stand“, premium gastronomic dinners and of course the largest project is the “Umami Festival“.

The Evolution

Every project that the company crafts or undertakes, has its own unique design, with a philosophy that aims to “write a brand new page”, away from everything else that has been seen somewhere else.

Boutique Hospitality Projects

As for quality and insistence on details, we always keep our promise for premium results. If we’d like to describe our work in three words, it would be “Boutique Hospitality Projects”!

Why Umami?

Umami is the fifth tasting flavour (sweet, sour, bitter, salty & Umami). It is a loan from Japan, where it can be translated as a “delicious – tasty flavour”.
In the extension of this meaning, the initials TU are based, promoting something with a new touch, different and of course delicious!

George Touratzis