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14 November 2018

November Stars


| Entrance 68€ St. George’s Tavern

Gastronomy Dinners

Starting from the northernmost part of Greece, we wanted to prove that gastronomy has no borders. This was the beginning of a series of new gastronomic experiences, crafted with a unique concept and design every time. TU events started organising gourmet dinners with famous and up-coming chefs, paired with wines, offering a brand new experience at each dinner.

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St. George’s Tavern

Date & Time

14 November 2018, 21:00 - 23:59

Gastronomic dinner with chef Panos Tsikas

TU’s “ November Stars” winter gourmet wine event was successfully completed, preserving its a fanciful and delicious character, embroidered with Michelin stars by Chef Panos Tsikas and sous chef Spiros Kasselouris!

The menu of 6 well-executed dishes focused on techniques, recipes and materials within the international gastronomic scene (Peru, France, USA, Spain, Greece, and The two wines per course shared a real wine experience to our guests!


Selene restaurant in Santorini

Two years ago, George Hatzigiannakis, the creator of Greek gastronomy, distinguishes him for his talent and chooses him for the emblematic “Selene” of Santorini, believing that it fits in its orientation: “In my dishes I combine memories, experiences and techniques. Simplicity and delicacy, these are my needs. Fresh seafood, local legumes, fine herbs speak for themselves.


Panos Tsikas

Panos Tsikas Chef

With an impressive CV and “starry” culinary background from the 3 stars Geranium restaurant in Copenhagen, the 2 Michelin starred Spondi and Funky Gourmet restaurants in Athens, the Sani resort in Halkidiki and the favorite Selene in Santorini.

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