One Wine Stand #4 - T:U Events

10 - 11 August 2017

One Wine Stand #4


Alexandroupolis City Centre

One Wine Stand

Our "One Wine Stands" are Pop Up wine projects or else, an open-air wine bar connected to a point of our choice, usually different every time, calling all wine lovers to experience a different experience with their friends. A unique bar, music , branded wine and our TU Canteen, are combined so that our guests experience a different party for every taste! We create a "wine & street food bar" for half a day.

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Alexandroupolis City Centre

Date & Time

10 August 2017, 18:00 - 01:30

Our One Wine Stand series continues this year in the center of Alexandroupolis and we join the “White Nights” organized for the next year by the Alexandroupolis’s Trade Association.

On Thursday 10th of August you will find us in the middle of the 14th Maiou road & Palaiologou! This time we will be a bit more casual, serving only wine in a glass but also bottles that you can take and enjoy with your company wherever you like, throughout this big city festival, full of live stages! Come and get supplied with top quality Greek wines from our unique “Take Away Wine Bar” which will be set up for all of you, the “TU Canteen”.

We will be there with our One Wine Stand project that you all loved, with plenty of quality wine from TU events!