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21 - 22 April 2018

Umami Festival Thrace ’18


| Entrance 10€ Ramada Plaza Thraki

Umami Festival

Umami Festival is the largest event that TU events organises. It is the first premium wine and gastronomy festival, which promotes the best Greek wines and producers, alongside the specially limited and gourmet food products. This is a festival open to the public as well as the professionals, it has a premium character and its purpose is to expand and promote the important Greek wineries and gastronomic food products coming from every part of Greece, as well as some imported.


Ramada Plaza Thraki

Date & Time

21 April 2018, 13:00 - 21:00

After the successful wine and gastronomy festivals in Alexandroupolis and Larissa in 2017, TU events, following its promise to the wine & gastronomy lovers, organizes the 2nd Umami Festival THRACE ’18 at Ramada Plaza Thraki in Alexandroupolis on 21 & 22 April 2018.

The aim of the festival is to grow the wine map of the country through a uniquely original event, innovating alongside the combination of wine, street food and gastronomy.

The Wine Fair

A two-day event that aims to bring together all those who love and want to know more about Greek quality wine and selected spirits. Taste among hundreds of different wines and spirits of top wineries and distillers from all over the country! Greek wine is on the rise, with hundreds of new wineries and supporters in Greece and abroad.


Gastronomy enthusiasts globally are constantly growing, enabling more and more gastronomic products to make their appearance. Greek specialty producers will sample and promote their unique products to consumers and professionals. You will have the chance to taste and buy premium selected delicacies, presented by the producers.


Masters in the field of wine and gastronomy, such as Elias Mamalakis (TV celebrity presenter), Yannis Karakasis MW (Master of Wine), Nicholas Giannopoulos (Dip WSET / Sommelier) Nikos Kehagias (Master Butcher) and others will present special tasting seminars. Countless combinations of wines, cheeses, meats, spirits, cigars and other products will offer unique tasting experiences in Ramada’s Plaza Thraki specially designated areas.

Side events in the entire region

Umami Festival Thrace ’18 collaborates with selected dining venues, wine bars, cellars and restaurants in Thrace, offering a complete two-day wine and gastronomy festival with wine parties, gastronomic dinners, special tasting presentations and other tasteful events throughout the region!

* Online Bookings soon available from 10€. Special group ticket rates apply.

* Masterclasses marked with * will be presented in Greek language.


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