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22 April 2018

CEVI Presentation


Ramada Plaza Thraki, Alexandroupoli

Part of Umami Festival Thrace ’18

A meeting point for all those who love and enjoy the top Greek wine and gastronomy, but also professionals seeking information and cooperations with producers, especially food products and distribution networks.

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Ramada Plaza Thraki, Alexandroupoli

Date & Time

22 April 2018, 10:00 - 11:30

The European Federation of Independent Winegrowers visits the festival in order to present their program

The European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers is the only European association, which gather and represents the interest of independent winegrowers. The independent winegrower is an entrepreneur, at the head of a small/micro enterprise, often a family business. He is vine grower, winemaker and he sells directly his product.

Independent winegrowers represent an important economic actor, they play a crucial role in delivering an European product of high quality, in developing rural areas, they increase the competitiveness of the EU wine market and they reinforce European tourism.

CEVI counts today 12.000 independent winegrowers all over Europe, representing 11 member states.

Since 2009, agriculture is part of the co-decision process, therefore between 60 and 80% of the the national legislations concerning agriculture is decided in Brussels. By these means, the evolvement of lobbying was based on the need to provide information to the different political actors within the members states at home as well as the need to influence the process of law making actively and effectively.

The European Union has never been more attractive as a lobbying target than today. It has become more important, more powerful and allowing more space for outside influence to shape its policy.

CEVI is presents in Brussels since 2002 and it is today among the major interlocutors of the European Union Institutions.

CEVI will be present at the Umami Festival to present the association, its functioning, its role in Brussels, the challenges faced so far and the ones to come.

The aim is to convince Greek winegrowers to join CEVI and make their voice heard in Brussels on strategic issues for the Greek wine culture.


CEVI European Federation of Independent Winegrowers

CEVI counts today 12.000 independent winegrowers all over Europe, representing 11 member states.