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16 November 2019

Tasting Session: Meat & Fire Experience


Divani Palace

| Entrance 40€

Part of Tasting Session: Meat & Fire Experience

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Divani Palace

Date & Time

16 November 2019, 18:30 - 20:00

Meat & Fire Chef Mirsini Lambraki, president of the Word BBQ Association in Greece, and her team of experienced cooks and bakers invite you to a unique culinary experience for meat and barbecue lovers.

We present you 10 special cuts of meat and explain how important is to have the proper separation of muscles and their slicing, in the tenderness of steaks and not only!

The Presentation

If you want to enjoy our meat session to the fullest, we must bear in mind all those criteria that emphasize its taste, give it extra taste and juicy flavor.
Which part we choose and for which preparation: charcoal, casserole, cooked, oven.
What is the role of set, cut, marinades, spices, temperatures and baking times?
Attendees will have the opportunity to sample different pieces of meat enriched with marinades and herbs from Greece, South America, the Philippines and the Middle East.

Meats & Tasting

The meats to be used and served to the participants is:

Kallaritico sheep (local rare breed)
Elassona’s Calf
Sheep of Thessaly, 28 days old

Grilling Methods

Discover the bbq with us at:

  • Standing spit (Ancient Cretan grilling method)
  • Classical Greek spinning spit
  • Argentinean grill (parilla)
  • RoasterOven (charcoal oven)

The Charcoal


Because we love the environment and we do not destroy it!
Why the Olea Briq Coconut https://oleabriq.com/en/ is made from an olive kernel in Kalamata, without cutting a single tree!
It is innovative, European award-winning, Greek charcoal, easily lit, free of chemical additives, highlights roast flavors and has a maximum calorific value of 6366 kcal / kg.
Proper baking is half the recipe and taste!

The wines

In our Wine & Gastronomy Festival you can’t miss the wine next to the presented dishes!
A special selection of wines will accompany the special dishes prepared for the participants.

* Seats for Masterclass are limited. Book online to secure your participation. An attendance certificate will be given to all participants, signed by Chef Myrsini Lambraki.